New details are emerging in the tragic explosion in McCall yesterday. Here's what we know now. 

A man and a teenage girl were inside when a propane explosion leveled the place they were staying in near the McCall Golf Club.

According to the teen is currently in the ICU after being flown to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. The man, unfortunately, passed away.

The propane explosion was so bad that the teen had to be pulled from a pile of rubble and where the home once stood is a crater and debris that's spread out over hundreds of yards. Homes that stood on either side of the explosion received extensive damage, including collapsed ceilings and broken windows.

The cause of the explosion has still not been determined and the identity of the man who perished has not been released and it is still not known what the relationship was between the man and the teenage girl.

Please keep everyone involved in this horrible accident in your thoughts and prayers this morning. We'll keep you updated as more details continue to be released.

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