Whenever I think of horrible things to give out on Halloween I always think of the Adam Sandler movie 'Big Daddy'. There is a scene when Adam Sandler is taking his kid trick-or-treating and a man hands out terrible items like laundry soap and a stapler before handing over his watch when he forgot to get candy to giveaway. At least those items you can use, although kids would love to have candy not random items from around your house.

So I though I would look up some of the worst items to get in your Trick-or-Treating bag and it's crazy what some people have given away. Thanks to Ranker.com for putting this list together:

  1. Religious books or information - This stuff goes right into the garbage for ALL kids.
  2. Razor Blades - If you're trying to injure kids during Halloween, you're the absolute worst.
  3. Veggies - No kid wants healthy snacks on Halloween.
  4. Splenda packets - This sounds like something you get when Trick-or-Treating at a nursing home.
  5. Raisins - please refer to item #3.
  6. Circus Peanuts - They don't taste good, don't waste your money buying horrible treats.
  7. NOTHING - Don't be a Scrooge McDuck.
  8. Toothbrush - Dentists do NOT get a pass for giving away teeth cleaning materials on Halloween.
  9. Left Over Easter Candy - It's how many months old now? Buy some new stuff.
  10. Liquorice - It's tastes like black licorice, which is just plain bad. Don't buy it.
  11. Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets - This seems like a good way to get your hour T.P.'ed on Halloween.
  12. Pennies - If you want to do $1 bills, you would be known as a Rockstar for all neighborhood kids.
  13. A Rock - Kids can collect rocks, they don't want them on Halloween.
  14. Pencils - Not the worst thing on this list, but it's not an edible treat like they want.
  15. Cough Drops - Medicine is not candy.
  16. Canned Food - Mostly done by people who forget to get candy from the store, don't be this person.
  17. Valentine's Candy - That was so long ago, please just throw away candy from February.
  18. Coupons - These will end up in the garbage, or just a disappointment for any kids that get one.
  19. Sugar - The only sugar kids want is in the form of candy, not straight sugar.
  20. Wax Lips - Any wax item is gross. Choose something else to give it away.

Anything else you would add to this list?

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