I see it almost every day. On my way to work, on my way to lunch, headed to an occasional meeting and almost always on my way home. At first I thought that it was strange that I saw it a few times in a week, but ever since more people have gone back to work, I see it almost daily, sometimes more. It's almost comical now, except that it's going to end in tragedy at some point.

Perhaps the DMV in Boise isn't comprehensive with their driver's tests. Maybe because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they just issue licenses to anyone that asks. Is it no longer required to learn that in a double left turn, the car in the furthest left lane needs to stay in the far left lane? It is not optional to move to a lane to your right like it is in the right lane of the turn.

If you couldn't understand that paragraph, you should report to the nearest DMV and return your license because you don't deserve to drive. Keep in mind that driving isn't a right, it's a privilege, and your privilege should be revoked.

As I watch these illegal turns happen daily, I see the drivers performing this atrocity, and there is a similar look on all of their faces. It's a look of cluelessness that they are even doing anything wrong. It's because of that look that I have had to adjust my driving style when I drive in the Treasure Valley.

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To keep myself and my family safe while driving in the Boise area, I only make right turns. I know that seems a little extreme, but for me, staying out of harm's way seems worth it. It takes me ten minutes longer to get home each day and fifteen minutes longer on the way home. I feel safer by not putting myself at risk by left-turning drivers. These drivers either didn't receive proper training or can't understand why there are lines on the road or can't follow simple road signs.

I expect that this will mean that I will be paying more for gas, and I will have to plan out my drives better. You can't tell Waze to only give you right turns, so I find myself improvising a lot. I also see parts of the city that I've never seen before. The good news is that since driving the "right" way, I haven't seen anyone making illegal left turns. Slowly, it's restoring my faith in Boise-area drivers.

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