Supposedly, some mathematical formula has determined this as the worst place to live in the Gem State. Let's see if the math checks out.

24/7 Wall Street crunched some numbers, and they claim they've found the worst county to call home in all 50 states. How does that even work? Well, they've taken a couple factors into account:

  • Population change
  • Unemployment rate
  • Poverty rate
  • Life expectancy

Based on those stipulations, what Idaho county ended up at the bottom of the list?

Owyhee County.

Here's how the numbers play out. In the past five years, Owyhee County has lost almost 1% of its population. Their unemployment rate sits at almost 4%, and the poverty rate is a staggering 23%. Lastly, if you call Owyhee County home, you're likely to pass away before you hit 79 years old.

Also surprisingly is the average household income. In Owyhee County, that's just about $35,000 per year. That's $11,000 less than Idaho's state average. Even worse, almost half of folks living in Owyhee County travel outside county lines for work.

You can see the full results for Idaho and the rest of the country here.

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