It was just a few weeks ago we were discussing some of the best dive bars in the Treasure Valley and multiple people mentioned The Woodshed in Nampa. As a Nampa resident I couldn't agree more.

The Woodshed embodied what it means to be a dive bar. Somewhat dimly lit and ice cold beer or mixed drinks at an inexpensive price. That's why it was so sad when I looked on Facebook last week to find out that their doors have closed for good.

The owner spend multiple years in a court battle and finally a decision was made not in her favor. Last Friday, December 6th was the last day that the Woodshed was open.

The reason I really loved The Woodshed beyond the cheap drinks was the Shuffleboard table in the back that was free to play as long as you were drinking, and my wife loved the Karaoke.

It's always sad to see a local business have to shut their doors, especially one that so many neighbors loved like The Woodshed.

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