Okay, I get it, I can't claim I'm from Boise. I've only lived here for 3 1/2 years, but it is shocking to me the things people say when I tell them I live in Boise. Do you hear these same things?

The biggest question I seem to get from my Utah friends about living in Boise is

  • What is there to do there? (It is crazy to me that my friends will drive 4-5 hours to get to Southern Utah, but they are so intimidated by a drive to Boise.) There is so much to do here. Skiing, snowshoeing, hot springs in the winter. Floating the Boise River, great hikes, and wine tasting trips in the summer.
  • Idaho is in the midwest, right? I never knew this was a common misconception until I lived here but people confuse Idaho with Ohio and Iowa. How do they not know where Idaho is on a map? You would be shocked at how many people think Idaho is smack dab in the middle of the United States.
  • It's just fields and potatoes. I'll be honest, this is what I thought of Idaho before I moved here. I thought it was rednecks, farmers, and potatoes. Not true. Sure, that is part of Idaho and we embrace it, but we have beautiful bodies of water, magnificent trees, and mountains. It's one of the most beautiful states I have ever seen and I didn't know it until I moved here.
  • Are there lots of Mormon's there? Not really. I grew up in Salt Lake City where more than 50% of the population is Mormon. Here it's about 20% but I am telling you it is night and day different from Utah. In Utah when people talk about "the church" you know exactly which church they are talking about. Here people don't' judge you by what religion you are and there are lots of different religions, different churched on every corner. It's honestly my favorite thing about Idaho. I've heard this is a different story in eastern Idaho where there are more Mormon's, but I love the diversity here.
  • Do you know Aaron Paul? He's our claim to fame and yes, in fact, I have met Aaron Paul and his baby and his beautiful wife. You know what? He's just like you and me only millions of dollars richer! (and famous) You'd never know it though, he's one of the nicest guys, most down to earth guys I've ever met.

Bottom line, I love this state. I love Boise and I never want to leave. My favorite things about living in the Treasure Valley are the squirrels, floating down the river, the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, the wine, and the trees. So if people rag on you living in Idaho, they have no idea what they are missing out on!

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