This is absolutely terrifying and disturbing, but it's one of those things where you can't help but look. A new study shows this state has the most psychopaths. 

It's not Idaho, it's Connecticut, but Idaho does fall at number 23 in the country. California, New Jersey, New York, and Wyoming round out the top five.

According to the study by Southern Methodist University professor Ryan Murphy has only been pre-published and is currently under peer review before it can possibly be published in a journal.

I honestly think the scariest thing in the world is someone who comes across as totally normal, nice, professional, and then you find out they are completely psycho.

I have been particularly disturbed by the Chris Watts case out of Colorado. If you are unfamiliar with the case, this psychopath admitted to killing his pregnant wife and although he claims she killed their two little girls beforehand, he's been charged with all of the murders and most around the country believe he's the one who strangled them all. The thing that is the most disturbing about this case is he is the most normal looking man you could ever imagine. His wife's social media is littered with doting posts about how much she loves her husband and how lucky she is.

In the "13 Signs You Are Dealing with a Psychopath" by Reader's Digest psychopaths...

  1. Get bored easily
  2. Are very charming
  3. Lie a lot (obviously)
  4. Lack of realistic long-term goals
  5. Think they are superior
  6. Can switch their empathy off and on
  7. Have a bad temper (not surprisingly)
  8. Are sexually promiscuous
  9. Are impulsive or irresponsible
  10. Were problematic as children
  11. Engage in criminal behavior
  12. Are unpredictable
  13. Have behavior patterns

We may fall right in the middle with our state as far as the number of psychopaths are concerned but you can never be too careful, so pay attention to the signs and hopefully that "nice guy" of yours doesn't turn out to be a psychopath.