There is no doubt about it, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Growing up the days was filled with food, family, and football. Three of my favorite things in life, although as I get a little older I put more effort into being a little healthier as we sit down for a big meal with loved ones.

Don't get me wrong, I will always plan on eating more than normal but I don't need to make it such a priority. Also, often times the holidays include travel plans which can add even more calories and less exercise to your routine. These are all things that you need to keep in mind.

These three tips from PureWow given to them by nutritionists are going to be what I try to remember as I gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up:

  1. Don't Save Up for a big meal. When you're hungry grab a snack especially on big days like Thanksgiving. Snacking on almonds through the day can drastically reduce the calories you consume when you sit down for the big meal.
  2. Don't Deprive Yourself. Registered dietitian Nicolette Pace says it best, "If we don't eat what our body is craving, it will be on our minds and we tend to overeat - especially during the holiday season." Don't fast all day in preparation for the big meal you're about to consume.
  3. Contribute Healthy Foods to the Party. You know there is going to be plenty of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pies around the table. So, branch out and bring a veggie tray to go alongside all the other goodies that will be readily available.

Lastly, remember all of those calories that you consume through beverages, especially adult beverages. Just be careful as we approach the season of temptation with all the sweets and delicious food and drinks so readily available.

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