Lets face it, we all have fun dressing up no matter if we actually go out or just stay in. We all like to think about what we could be each year for Halloween.

Options for costumes are endless. Of course there are the classics like, clowns, cats, gangsters & soldiers. There’s also categories like; celebrities, characters, people of history, food items and even your everyday household items. I had a friend once come to party dressed as a rake. Seriously, you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it.

With all these options who would ever need more? We do! Here is a list of what we expect to be the Top Five most popular (and mostly) new costumes of 2019.


5. Aladdin & Co. - Okay, these are technically not new but they are going to be BIG this year! They are also great options as a couple or singles costume. There are many new options and variations for all the main characters but DIY versions could easily be made as well.

Pennywise the Clown Mural
Mark Kolbe, Getty Images

4. Pennywise - Caught me again. This one is technically not new but with “It Chapter two”, in theaters now everyone should be ready for creepy clowns to be lurking around every corner.


3. Mr. Rogers - Even though the new movie “A beautiful day in the Neighborhood”, does not premiere until November the costumes are already available for purchase and yes, they come complete with hand puppets and all.


2. The Beyond Burger - While the Beyond Burger is gaining traction with all of its deliciousness the costume itself will likely be very popular. However, the current options for purchase floating around the internet are really nothing more than your basic hamburger costume with an added headband and sign stating "Plant Based". To keep costs down, you could buy an old hamburger costume at a local thrift store and make a sign.


1. White Claw – It’s no wonder this would be the #1 new costume. With all the recent media and YouTube videos around White Claw, it was only a matter of time before it become a costume. Granted you could make this for yourself and it could be a costume for both men and women the costume circling the internet is the “Sexy White Claw women’s costume”. With multiple flavors this will likely be the new “girls group” costume of 2019.

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