Our neighboring state has an interesting conundrum that to some seems very supernatural. -If the supernatural likes to curse that is -

Have you heard about the mysterious Utah monolith? It has gained international attention since the Department of Public Safety first spotted it just over a week ago. Who knows how long it has been there because it was left in a remote desert in southeastern Utah. Super remote BLM land. As people began to visit it and it gained popularity and online attention people were debating if it was an art installation or if it was left by aliens. After all its huge, random and again in a super remote place. Weird.

Well whoever, or whatever first put it there either took it back or is upset that someone else took it. Just as quickly and silently as it appeared, it has now disappeared.

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The disappearance was discovered my Riccardo Marino and his girlfriend Sierra Van Meter, they were traveling from Colorado to California and wanted to see the monolith along the way. The only way to find this thing is GPS coordinates. They got to the spot around 11:00 p.m. on Friday to take pictures but it was gone. This is why I said if it was aliens they must like to curse because get this, instead of the monolith, they found a message written in the sand saying, "Bye B****.”

Many people are protective of the land and didn't like the idea of visitors in the area. The Bureau of Land Management put out a statement saying they do not know who removed it but that it was on private property so they will not be investigating.


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