If this is your bank it won't be around much longer. 

It's a smaller location at 505 W. Bannock St. is set to close July 11th.

According to Boisedev.com the decision came based on customer trends, market factors, and economic change, but in layman's terms they have simple seen traffic decrease overtime at this location which is why they have decided to shut it down.

The closest Wells Fargo who are used to using the Bannock branch is their location at 9th and Main in Downtown Boise.

Another reason these physical branches are closing is because so many people are doing the majority of their banking transactions online these days. Wells Fargo says they will close 300 branches across the country this year and they could close up to 3,300 branches by the year 2020.

The world is changing as far as we do things, that's for sure. Stuff like this makes me wish we could just go back in time where we did normal retail shopping and you actually went into a bank and talked to a teller to do your transactions.