After a 5 hour long meeting (one of many) the West Ada School District made its decision to postpone the start of school. Students will return to school on September 8, about a week and a half after the original start date of August 27th. The delay will give the necessary time to get additional technology to students and staff if needed and extra time to train staff for safety procedures.

The board meeting came just hours after the Idaho Education Association advised that places where the positivity rate for COVID-19 testing is above a 5%, schools should start with remote learning.

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While the date has been changed actual plans for how the school will open - or not open - were not finalized. Other things that were discussed were the use of face coverings, how transportation will work, if athletics will be able to continue, and building layouts. The next scheduled board meeting is on August 25th at which point they will make a plan for what the start of school will look like in the district.

Do you plan on choosing remote learning regardless of what the schools do?




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