So, you’ve been listening to the Bobby Bones show on 104.3 Wow Country and you keep hearing people talk about Pimpin’ Joy.  So, what is Pimpin’ Joy?  Fortunately, Joy isn’t a person.  About six years ago, Amy’s mom was fighting cancer, she kept saying that even though she was going through all of this, she was choosing joy.  After an exhaustive search for a hashtag, they settled on #PIMPINJOY.  That hashtag turned into a way for the show to raise money for different causes.  They partnered with The Shop Forward to create #PIMPINJOY shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other stuff and the proceeds go to various causes.  Most importantly, it keeps Amy’s mom Judy’s prayer being answered: that her cancer will be used for good.  Judy eventually lost her battle with cancer, but #PIMPINJOY lives on every day on the Bobby Bones Show and with all of the people that have purchased and continue to purchase #PIMPINJOY stuff.  Get yours HERE. 

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