I’m prepared for the backlash that comes with this statement but it needs to be said: fireworks should be fired off in Boise year-round. That’s right – year-round. This past Monday, I witnessed the most incredible display of patriotism I had ever seen during my first 4th of July in the Treasure Valley.

Now, if you’re thinking: “He must not have pets” or “he doesn’t have to wake up early”, you couldn’t be more incorrect. We have a dog, a cat, and dare I include my two daughters who keep us awake all night. My oldest is 4 while my youngest turns 2 in September. Being that they’re kids, of course they enjoyed the fireworks show but so did I.

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

Something about seeing fireworks go off in the Treasure Valley with the mountains in the background is quite simply magical. Do I care when fireworks are going off at 1:00 AM? Absolutely not. That’s the sound of freedom, that’s the sound of America… the land of the free; meaning we should be free to blow stuff up in the sky when it starts to feel like “Freedom O’Clock.”

Like me, you probably noticed all of the posts on social media or even the NextDoor app of Boise residents complaining about people firing off fireworks after (or even before) America’s birthday. Really? Are we complaining about a few poppers in the sky? They’re fireworks, people. Boise was named one of the best cities for celebrating Independence Day in the entire country… and we’re going to complain about fireworks? We’re better than that. If not every day, we should at least consider allowing fireworks a few times a week. Think about the parks, the views from downtown... Imagine the events that could come with even doing fireworks a few times a week. Boise is already fantastic, but throw in the regular fireworks show? How could you not love this city more?

Sure, it might be annoying to some, but I say fire away.

Do you agree that Boise needs to chill out and accept that fireworks should be year-round? Do you totally disagree with this and think I need to get out? I’d love to hear your thoughts here.

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