Some people in Idaho have strong feelings about people from out of state moving into their state, especially if they're moving from California. Lots of people feel that these "outsiders" or "transplants" moving into the state are destroying Idaho with their ideologies and politics.

It's not all political either

Some people are annoyed by the influx of outsiders due to other factors that aren't political. For example, the large and growing amount of traffic in the Treasure Valley is one area people love to blame on outsiders.

But what about the real threats to Idaho? You know, the creatures coming into our state and attacking our food. How about the creatures coming in and destroying our infrastructure? Where's the outrage?

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Take zebra mussels for example. According to Invasive Species of Idaho, zebra mussels can negatively alter the ecosystem, harming other animals and their habitat. There's also the financial burden that these creatures can put on the community.

Even worse, some of these destructive creatures are being let out into the wild by us, the people who tried to keep them as pets.

If you see any of these seven creatures in Idaho, it's not good. The weather is warming up and a lot of us will be out enjoying the great outdoors. That being said, if you spot any of these creatures, you can report the sighting to Idaho Invasive Species Hotline at 1-877-336-8676.

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