Even though a new study from the Idaho Department of Labor just came out and showed that Idaho overall is recovering better than most of the US there are plenty of Idahoans who are still struggling and need additional help from the aftermath of the pandemic. From stimulus checks to PPO loans for businesses to tax breaks, there have been some help offered to the individuals most impacted but for many it hasn't been enough. If you are or know someone who is financially suffering in Ada County there is new assistance available for those who qualify.

Ada County just announced that millions, $24.2 million to be exact, have been opened up rental assistance. Funds came from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, who is assisting in many cities across the US with similar programs. This funding is set to help pay rent and utilities of low-income renters who have fallen behind on their payments and could be at risk of eviction. No one wants families to be left out in the cold especially for something they couldn't help.

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The Ada County Housing Authority is working with Boise City to administer and oversee this program. The program is meant for people who have lost their jobs or hours due to the pandemic but also those who had to cut hours or quit to be with kids who couldn't go to school or daycare. Some have also acquired medical bills that are abnormal due to COVID and this will help with that too.

If you qualify don't expect checks in the mail, the program is set up so the payments go directly to landlords or utility providers that you are behind on bills with, or the medical facilities that are owed money. There is an application process. Here are a few things to check off before applying:

-Must be an Ada County resident.

-Must be renting

-Must have been financially impacted by COVID-19

-Must make less than $41,900 for a single person or $59,890 for a family of four (80% of the area median income)

To find out more and apply go here...

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