You know... some people do things that really don't make any sense, especially criminals.

There's nothing about committing a crime that should make sense anyway

But, trust us... this one's different.

Earlier this week, we told you about Boise police asking for the public's assistance following multiple reports of a man snooping around properties and even trying to break in.

At the time (Tues. 10/10), the thief was spotted near W. Boise Ave and Chrisway Dr. according to a Facebook post from Boise Police Department.

Now, Boise police are sharing more details that they've learned about the suspect and what it is that he's looking for.

Boise Police Say Thief On The Loose is Targeting Guns And... WHAT?!

Hide your wives, hide your guns, hide your... underwear?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. This dude is straight-up looking to steal our guns and women's undergarments.

You can't make this type of thing up. Again, we have to admit - there is nothing more American than firing off some rounds while wearing only a bra and panties... we get it.

But, there is surely a legal way to go about obtaining those items.

By the way, speaking of obtaining a 9mm to go with some thongs, can we note how ferocious this suspect is to reach his goals?

Think about it - this guy woke up, grabbed his winter vest, and a blue mask, and consciously made the decision to bring an entire toolset to break into an apartment.

And all of that for what? So the man can steal himself an ArmaLite to go with Victoria's Secret's latest fall catalog.

We hope Boise police catch this guy, but we really can't wait to see if they retrieve the stolen items. Can you imagine being the guy working evidence that night? Deputies just bringing in tubs and tubs of bullets and used underwear.

Salute to our first responders and hopefully, they catch this guy. Check out the full post below...

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