So sad to see this place go. They've been a staple in Caldwell since 1977.

The Casa Valdez tortilla company is closing up shop because the owner, Jose Valdez is simply tired after running the business for 41 years.

Jose is passing the property onto his kids but its unclear if they will end up reopening the business or if they'll just sell it.

As for now the last batches of Casa Valdez tortillas that are in stores are the last batches of these tortillas that you can snatch up.

I've bought Casa Valdez tortillas many times over and it makes me sad to see them go. As Jose told KTVB they cook and grind their own corn and he "doesn't know of anyone that cooks corn like the way they do."

They've had quite the tortilla making business for the past four decades. Their equipment can make more than 900 tortillas per minute!

I'm still crossing my fingers that the kids will eventually re-open shop so we can eat those yummy tortillas again! In the meantime go grab them while they're still in stores.