Last year Zoo Boise did not have a lot of their regular family filled fun events due to, well you know. Zoo Boise is making up for a year of missed fun in one spectacular day. Howliday Pawlooza is a full day of packed holiday fun. By holiday I mean just about every major holiday all rolled into one amazing eventful day. The zoo will be decorated with holiday themed areas. Christmas with Santa, Easter with an Easter bunny, Halloween and more.

The day, June 19th, will be packed with fun for the entire family. There will be vendors from around the area with games, candy and giveaways. Kids and family members are encouraged to dress up in your favorite costume and bring an Easter basket or Halloween treat bag for your goodies. The zoo animals are in for a treat too. Check out the animal holiday enrichments throughout the day. There will also be a special activity stations.

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I don't know about you but I cant think of an event ever in my childhood or adulthood that rolled so many amazing things in one. Favorite holidays and amazing animals. I feel like this would blow a kids mind. I am so excited to take my little guy. The event is on June 19th from 9am to 6pm. Check out more details and tickets here.

It is also good to note that at this point face coverings are optional when visiting Zoo Boise, except when participating in animal encounters or visiting indoor buildings that are currently open.

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