This woman in Caldwell found out some disturbing information about a guy that she's been dating. Should she keep her mouth shut or how should she handle this jerk?


"Barefoot Cinderella" wrote us this e-mail.

Dear Rick and Carly,

I have a issue and I don't know what to do. There's a guy I met about a month ago we went on a couple dates, the most perfect dates I've ever been on, and then last week when we were suppose to go on another date he didn't show up, but did tell me why he couldn't, it was a family emergency so I understood completely. But I haven't heard anything from him since then. So I let this week go by without talking to him and thought maybe it's his grandma because she's been very I'll lately. But then I find his really old Facebook from years ago and it says still in a relationship. So I messaged the girl (He told me about her, that they were no longer together because she moved away) asked her if they are still together, and she told me yes. What do I do? Obviously kick him to the curb but should I tell his girlfriend?
Barefoot Cinderella
Ladies, what should she do? Tell the girl? Get back at the guy somehow? Confront him? Leave your comment below or give us a call, LADIES ONLY at 338-1043

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