This beautiful seven-year-old girl has been through more than most of us could ever imagine, and we want to make her biggest dream come true. 

If you aren't familiar with Rick and Carly's Kids, it's a program we created a couple years ago to help shed light on the various challenges that kids and families here in the Treasure Valley are facing.

We try to create some sort of a local dream day or experience, but with little Annabelle we wanted to do something even bigger.

Annabelle has a congenital cardiac condition and has endured three open-heart surgeries.

So we've partnered with Epic Shine Car Wash and the Make-A-Wish foundation to help this little girls dreams come true!!

Annabelle wants to go to Disney World with her family.

Here's what her parents have to say about her.

"Half-a-heart, but twice as brave." This is the mantra that 7-year-old Annabelle chants as she practices her Tae Kwon Do. Annabelle recently worked very hard to earn her yellow belt, but she's no stranger to a challenge. She was born with only one half of her heart functioning, and has endured three open heart surgeries, the first one occurring only three weeks after Annabelle was born.

Annabelle is a vibrant and funny child who enjoys life. She loves horses, anything with a heart on it, and all things Disney.

Lovingly referred to as "Annabanana" by her family, Annabelle has 5 siblings whom she adores. She dotes on them and shows empathy beyond her years, writing sweet notes to any of her brothers or sisters who might be having a hard day.

When she grows up, Annabelle wants to be a doctor. Her wish is to visit Disney World with her family. When Annabelle thinks about her wish she imagines "walking on clouds" like the magic of a Disney movie

We want to help send Annabelle and her family on this dream trip!! Epic Shine Car Wash is donating $5000 to Make a Wish to help out kids like Annabelle and others very tough situations, but want to do even more and come together as a community to help this little girl that lives right here in the Treasure Valley.

  • Saturday, September 15th we will be doing a live broadcast at Epic Shine Car Wash's newest location, 10 Mile and Franklin from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • You can stop by any one of Epic Shine Car Wash's 4 locations and donate a little cash to help send Annabelle to Disney World!!

So mark your calendar's for September 15th!! It's time to do a little good Treasure Valley and Annabelle welcome to the Rick and Carly's Kids Club!!

Credit: Epic Shine Car Wash
Credit: Epic Shine Car Wash

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