Wow, just when I think I've seen it all here in Idaho, something like this happens! This guy was swinging his belt at officers, throwing things, and it all ended with a big explosion. Here's how it all started. 

Deputies showed up to talk to 59-year-old Morton Lee Zerby of Bellevue, Idaho after several reports of a rifle being shot near a bonfire.

Zerby did not want to talk to the cops when they arrived at his Blaine County trailer. He started swinging his belt with a metal buckle over his head according to Zerby continued the debacle by threatening officers with a piece of wood and trying to start a physical fight with them.

At that point, Zerby was tased by police but as they were putting him in cuffs a gas can on the bonfire started to explode, sending flames 15-feet into the air!

It's like something you'd see in the movies, all ending with a literal big -BANG at the end!

Zerby was taken to jail and thankfully the Ketchum Fire Department put the flames out and everyone walked away a-okay! Phew!

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