Whether you are celebrating this Valentines Day with a lover, with your friends or with yourself, this Idaho Love song should bring a smile to your face. I pretty randomly came across this 2013 gem on YouTube and it was just too perfect not to share.

The song is from Spencer's Own, previously called The Standards. The clever lyrics talk about specific landmarks, towns, and what it is like to be in love in the great gem state. From the Snake River to Sun Valley and from North to South, this song has it all, including a great country twang.

Here are the lyrics for you: Official "Idaho Love" lyric video by vocal group Spencer's Own Copyright 2013 Spencer's Own:

Alive on the banks of the great snake river, soakin' up sun with my Idaho Love

She's got the curves that go on forever, yea I cant get enough

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I've been to balanced rock, been to sunny Sun Valley, walking along with my Idaho Love

She gets wild in the cold cold winter, and she's on fire when the lightning comes.

A hidden gem in the western wind, She's everything I need

I love the freedom, she's holdin' me, My Idaho Love

She goes up north to the narrow country where lakes and mountains make a rugged home

She swings on down to the southern desert where skies open wide and there's room to roam

She's the song of my soul, perfect harmony, all I ever need

I love the freedom, she's holdin' me, My Idaho Love

I sit here thinkin we were meant to be together and we both know

Even if I'm somewhere else, I know she'll be right there callin' me home

I love the freedom, she's holdin' me, take me home and give me love, love and freedom, She's, holdin' me ...

I love, I love, my Idaho Love

She's my Idaho Love


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