Whenever Idaho faces severe winter weather, people all across the Treasure Valley do their best to prepare for the worst. Memories of Snowpocalypse are still fresh in the minds of some, and many are left wondering about road closures due to the severe weather.

Are you prepared to drive in severe winter weather?

If you're from anywhere that doesn't have anything to resembling Idaho weather and you move to Idaho; there is a good chance that you aren't used to enduring winter conditions.

You can't just put an inexperienced driver behind the wheel and expect them to be amazing at driving in snow/ice. How would they handle the vehicle if they encountered "black ice"? Do they know how to drive on unplowed roads?

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Like a lot of people from the outside, you might've even asked yourself before moving to Idaho:

"Do I need to put chains on my tires when driving during Idaho winters?"

Don't feel bad, especially now with this crazy winter blast striking the Northwest. Seasonal laws can sometimes be difficult but, what does the law say about tire chains? Is there a certain point where you're required to put chains on your tires?

The answer might surprise you...

Here's When You're Required To Chain Your Tires In Idaho

Driving in severe winter weather might require drivers to put their tire chains on... but how will they know when it's time?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, let's say you're one of those people we talked about who is experiencing their first winter in Idaho. You might be shocked to see subzero temperatures in the forecast. You may even have questions about what you should be prepared for. Let's take a look...

How To Survive Boise's Subzero Forecast

Subzero temperatures are on the way to Boise... Here are the top essential tips to survive the deadly temps according to the National Weather Service.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

15 Wacky Winter Weather Facts To Help You Survive the Season in Boise

For many of us Snowmageddon 2016-2017 is a not so distant memory. Some people really miss seeing that much white stuff in Boise. Others dread the possibility of it happening again. How common is it? We dug into some historical weather data from the National Weather Service to see just how extreme it was compared to some of the other winter extremes Boise's experienced.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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