40-year-old Jeromy Edwin Kelley will step inside a courtroom tomorrow morning to face a number of different charges coming at him including two counts of sexual abuse of a minor, lewd conduct and video voyeurism.

According to KTVB, Kelley allegedly started the abuse a little over a year ago when the girl was 12-years-old.  She's now 14 and has come forward with information about being molested repeatedly for that entire time period.  This all came to the authorities last September.  After a thorough investigation, the authorities stepped in and arrested Kelley in February and now Kelley has officially been charged.  Initially, police had very little to go on but kept finding more and more as the investigation continued.

Videos have been found of the little girl undressing or getting in and out of the shower.  These videos were taken in secret, without her knowledge, usually from underneath a door.  Court documents also say that Kelley admitted to sexually abusing the little girl to a friend and to an Idaho Department of Health and Welfare social worker but he refuses to discuss that with anyone else at this time.

Kelley's bail has been set at $500,000.

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