When the Nampa Police Department got a call for help claiming that a man found a giant alligator under his camp trailer in his yard. Obviously they were a little doubtful, as hello we are far from swamp lands. After all most of the Nampa police have never even seen a gator in real life.

“This is Nampa, IDAHO not Tampa, FLORIDA, but we found ourselves helping Idaho Fish & Game on this call last night,” police tweeted on their official account. “We sometimes herd cows, horses, occasionally deal w/deer and even a moose last year. But a 6’ alligator? In Nampa? This was a first #NampaGator"

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Once they got to the mans house and saw that there really was a giant gator they didn't quite know what to do. Nampa Police called Fish & Game for assistance. It was a team effort but eventually they got the alligators mouth taped shut. That alone make everyone feel a little better.

Later it was found out that the alligator was an escaped pet. I sure didn't know this but it seems that Idaho residents can own exotic pets with special permits. The owner said he lost track of the gater while he was cleaning out the cage. Owner and pet were reunited. Please don't let Sparky escape again - I totally made that name up - Sparky seemed like a good name for a pet alligator - or maybe Snap or Snappy. What would you name a pet alligator?

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