I have been in radio for about 15 years now so I am used to getting up in front of crowds. You put me on a stage to hype up an an audience of thousands before a concert, no problem, I will get that place pumped up. On the other hand if you put a baseball in my hand in front of a crowd of a few hundred, suddenly my nerves and anxiety shoot through the roof. Ya see, I am not very coordinated. Athletic yes, coordinated no. I am tall and always have been for my age, so in middle school my mom put me in basketball. That is where we realized and accepted my lack of coordination skills, middle school. We didn't try sports again. I literally have never in my life pitched a baseball. . . until last night.

Being asked to do something as honorary as a first pitch of a baseball game is not something you turn down. Plus I am a big fan of the Canyon County Spuds Baseball. I met with the owner a the beginning of summer when they were gearing up for their first season and love that they are all about having a great time and putting on a great show and a great game for the crowd. The team plays out at Wolfe Field in Caldwell and they bring a party. With 10 Barrel Brewing as a partner the food and drinks are on point.

When I was asked (the day before the game) to do the first pitch I excitedly and nervously agreed. I then immediately stopped with my 7 year old son Titus to buy us mitts and balls so we could practice that night. We practiced for an hour or so in the back yard but certainly not enough to give me any kind of confidence out on the actual field.

When I got there I was able to do a 'warm up' with one of the Spuds players. It did not go great. While I was able to catch a good amount of the balls he threw back to me, my throws were less than stellar. He even kind of gave up on me and walked back into the dugout, cant say I blame him at all. He probably thought my chances at a decent pitch were helpless.

When the time came for the actual pitch I had the mindset of well whatever happens, happens. After some fidgeting on the mound, by some miracle the pitch actually made it over the plate and into the catchers mitt! It was a slow pitch, nothing to write home about but it went where it was supposed to and that was enough for me! Check out this adorable video of my 7 year old son Titus video taping the pitch. He does some sweet and funny commentary through the whole thing (only about 45 seconds)

Here is some more information about the team and League from the Canyon County Spuds website, "Canyon County Spuds is a proud member of the Expedition League collegiate summer baseball league. The Expedition League is celebrating its 4th season in 2021. The “EL” features 12 teams playing in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Manitoba Canada, and now Idaho. Teams play a 64-game season beginning in late May through mid-August. The league hosts a mid-season All-Star Game and an end-of-season playoff to crown an Expedition League champion. The league’s inaugural season of 2018 featured 8 teams. Ultimately, the vision for the Expedition League is to grow to 30-40 teams.

Last night they closed out the season against the Badland Big Sticks. Spoiler alert, we didn't win this game but it was a blast regardless. Looking forward to next year Spuds!!!

Spuds Baseball, Wolfe Field, photo by Nikki West
Spuds Baseball, Wolfe Field, photo by Nikki West
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