I still can't believe this journey.  I can't believe how many of our listeners who don't even know my daughter stepped up and gave hard earned money so that my baby girl could have a family of her own.  The emotion, gratitude, and humility I feel every time I think of Lexi and her situation brings me to tears.

She wanted a baby more than anything in the world.  A family of her own.  She's wanted that her whole life and when the time was right, and she along with her husband Porter made that decision that it was GO TIME, went for it and found out it couldn't happen... it was devastating.  After all the fundraising and begging and pleading for as much money as we could raise Lexi and Porter took out a loan for the rest.  InVitro cost them well over $30,000 and when it faile the first time, it was a whole new, different kind of devastation.  We only had two shots at this and one of them was now gone.

The doctors reassured Lexi that they were confident they could get this done.  And now we're only seven weeks away from two beautiful miracles entering this world into our family.  Two little boys (originally it was one boy and one girl) who already seem to have anxious little personalities are going to change our world forever.  The reason I say they seem anxious is they're always moving.  Half the time the doctors can't tell which one is baby A and which one is baby B.  Porter gets freaked out by the movement but most of us are loving every second of it.

Credit: Lexi Probst
Credit: Lexi Probst

Again, I want to thank all of the donors.  The people who stepped up and without knowing it became a part of our family.  The good you did resonates with me and it's so incredible knowing how great some people are.  Thank you and God Bless.

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