Back in October of 2017, my family asked for help in assisting my oldest daughter Lexi and her husband Porter having kids. Lexi did things right as far as I'm concerned. She worked hard in school, played Division I college soccer, married a wonderful man, got a job and finally wanted to have kids to complete their dream. That's when we found out they couldn't have kids. A devastating blow to those who want a family and Lexi wanted a big family. After much research, doctor appointments, and prayers Lexi and Porter went with In Vitro which was the only chance they had at having a baby of their own.

In Vitro is costly.  Depending on the situation the costs are different but for Lexi and Porter those costs would come down to about $30,000 to $35,000.  To a young couple in their early 20's just starting out that might as well be a million dollars.

Credit: Tara Brandon
Credit: Tara Brandon

We put together a GoFundMe page for Lexi and then did our best to get the word out.  After posting Lexi and Porter's story online people from all over the United States of America stepped up, giving a little at a time, helping in their cause.  Most of the donations were very small but made a huge impact.  Our very own WOW Country listeners stepped up, opened their hearts and gave generously so that my daughter could have her dream come true.  People that I've never met, she's never met, and we may never meet in our lifetime contributed.

Lexi and Porter took out a loan for the amount they were short and started right away.  We were all so hopeful as we watched her go through this process. Then, it happened. The bad news. After $30,000 and all the thoughts and prayers, Lexi was not pregnant.  It didn't work.  She could hardly hold back the tears as she told me. All of my optimism started to dwindle. The doctors give you two chances with this $30,000 investment which meant we had just one left.

With round two, the doctors became more aggressive and gave it everything and after the visits: the pills, the needles and all of the other stuff involved with In Vitro. After a long process, we finally received the news we'd been hoping for.  Lexi is pregnant. And that's not all. They're pregnant with twins!

People right here in the Treasure Valley helped my daughter who lives in Salt Lake City live her dreams.  By giving that small amount to a total stranger you have become part of our family forever.  These two miracles sent from God are because of you. I'll never be able to thank you enough. Most of you I'll never meet or talk to but know that you've touched our family in the best way possible. I truly love you for your generosity.

Going through this journey I've learned how many people there are out there that want families and cannot have those families in the traditional way that most of us are used to. I feel their pain.  I know now what they're going through and my heart is with them as they struggle to make their dreams come true.

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