It is tough to find something to eat in the middle of the night here in the Treasure Valley, but if you're up at 3 a.m., these are your best options. 

I know this world well. I swear I'm always searching for food in the wee hours of the morning. If you have to get up early like me or you're a night owl you have probably encountered this problem as well. dug into this issue and they found only two good options for off-hour eats in the valley.

Pie Hole was the first pizza place I discovered in Boise, specifically because I was up at 11 p.m., got the munchies, and couldn't find anything to eat. From that one experience alone, Pie Hole will always have a little piece of my heart. Keep in mind that they are great for late-night eating, but both the Broadway and 8th street location close at 3 a.m.

Thank goodness for Los Betos when you are craving Mexican food at odd hours. Los Betos is truly open 24/7.

Here are some other options I've found.

If you're ever craving breakfast, IHOP is there for you.

I have many memories of late nights with my college roommates at Denny's and the tradition continues.

I've sat down at Shari's many times in the middle of the night and I'm so grateful they exist at 2 a.m. when I'm starving!! They are a truly a 24/7 Treasure Valley hot spot.

Am I leaving anywhere else out? Most places close up shop by midnight or 2 a.m. from what I've found. If you're up super late or you're an early riser like me, good luck!

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