I've seen the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile but I have never in person witnessed the Planters Nutmobile. Well now is the chance. These decked out vehicles are a blast for kiddos and adults and why not something fun and lighthearted for all of us in the Treasure Valley? I received a call in the WOW Country Studio from Erin who is with the company and helped drive the Nutmobile here. Here are some details she shared with me on where and when to see it while they are in town.

They are staying at the Townplace suites and whenever the NUTmobile is not out and about in action people are welcome to go see it get pictures with it and if someone is there with the mobile, they will also hook you up with free peanuts, a sticker, and as Erin put it on the phone with me a smile as well. We can all use extra of those these days :)

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They are also helping out Meals on Wheels Thursday and Friday so you will see them out and about delivering food and helping out in our community. After delivering meals, on Friday night they are heading out to The Farmstead Pumpkin Patch and Haunted House until 10pm.

They are scheduled to be in town on Saturday and Sunday but as of right now they do not have any big events scheduled so if you want to request the mobile at an event or a place in the Treasure Valley hit them up at plantersnutmobile.com.

I didn't tell Erin this but I am a little concerned about the Nutmobile getting frozen out here over the weekend with the intense cold snap we have on the way this weekend. Who knows maybe they will get snowed in and we will have the Nutmobile for an extra week.


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