First off, we love Idaho. We simply came across some data that says one Idaho town has one of the top 25 ugliest flags in America... and we need to get to the bottom of this.

Do you know your town's flag?

It's okay if you don't - many people have no idea what their town flag looks like! We (unintentionally) did the hard work for you and stumbled across a ranking of the "ugliest flags in America." It was then that we realized the city of Caldwell made the list.

We honestly didn't think the logo was bad until we really looked at it and well... maybe it is time for an upgrade.

It's not necessarily the fact that it looks more like an alternate logo for Fruit of the Loom than it does a city, but it's just one of those things you can't help but think about when someone brings it up.

Kind of like how the logo for Kentucky Fried Chicken looks like a giant head of the Colonel on a black stick figure body (AKA the necktie).

Getty Images
Getty Images

See what we mean? You can't unsee it!

So again, it's not us saying that Caldwell's official flag looks like it belongs on a gallon of milk, it's the survey. But, don't worry - 24 other flags are arguably more hideous... at least according to this source.

What do you think? How ugly is Caldwell's official flag?

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