Unless you are a big skier/snowboarder you are probably dreading that first snow; especially after Snowpocalypse. Here's when the white stuff is expected to hit the Treasure Valley this season. 

According to The Weather Channel, we should have already had snow! The average snowfall happens here in Boise on November 19th. We know that didn't happen, so what are we up against?

On average around the country snow falls for the first time on December 4th, but looking at the 10 day forecast, that doesn't seem like it's going to happen either.

Based on temperature drops and precipitation expected, I'm going to be on

December 8th

Even if I'm off by a day or two, temperatures at that time get down to high 30's during the day and mid to high 20's at night, so it's got to happen around that time.

Will we get another snowpocalypse? Not likely. We haven't had a winter like that in 30 years and this year although it is predicted to be cold, it is supposed to be a lot drier.