5 Boise men have stepped up making serious accusations in hopes of helping others who have been sexually abused to have courage to step up and not be a victim anymore.


Riley Gilroy and four others have officially filed the lawsuit in Boise's U.S. District Court.  They claim that from 1971 through 1983 the Boy Scouts of America and the Mormon Church willingly had volunteer scout leaders with child molestation charges against them overseeing young men in the scouting program.


Riley and the other men go on to say they all were molested and many more who will not speak up.  Here's a quote from Gilroy...

"The LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America have known about this, they've known about Jim Schmidt prior to him hurting me and they've been covering it up.  They've been committing fraud by covering it up. And I say no more.”


The plaintiff's attorney Gillion Dumas says...

"We believe this cover-up of this danger lulled children and their parents into thinking that Scouting was a safe activity for children, when both the Boy Scouts of America and the LDS church knew that it wasn't, and failed to disclose those dangers to the parents and the children so they didn't take common sense measures to keep themselves safe."


The Boy Scouts of America and the LDS church are both just hearing about these charges and are looking into the matter to make sure they have all the facts before moving forward with statements.  Both organizations take these accusations and this type of behavior very seriously.


The five men who have stepped up have done so in the name of all those who've been sexually abused in any way and at any age.  They want victims to know that it's not only o.k. to speak up... it's what will set you free.  And it's one of the steps necessary to stop this type of abuse from occurring.

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