This sick man is out of the Sandpoint, Idaho area and feeding feces to his son was only one of many crimes and sick ways 49-year-old Dana Andrew Furtney abused his wife, daughters, and son.  According to KIVI TV Furtney was found guilty of more than a dozen forms of abuse including lewd conduct, sexual abuse of a child, ritualized abuse, and domestic violence.

I don't even know what ritualized abuse is and I'm sure I don't want to.  After Furtney was found guilty he had the nerve to admit to what he'd done but also to add that there was absolutely no sexual gratification in it for himself.  What?  Take your punishment like a man and go away.  I hope this guy never gets out and I hope that somehow, some way, his wife and children can heal and learn that life actually does have a lot of real love to offer.

These kids are going to have a rough road.  Statistics show that these situations are directly connected to other serious situations that happen down the road.  All of us are still mourning the loss of 17 beautiful lives in Florida because one young man had very real demons and nobody stepped in to intervene.  We've had so many murders, so many shootings, so many tragedies lately and often times it starts with serious abuse at a young age.  My thoughts are with this family and I hope the judge does the right thing in May when Furtney is supposed to be sentenced.

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