Authorities are calling it a "freak accident," but we believe the answer is much simpler, and more sinister, than that.

It's like something out of a horror movie. Over 50 geese were found dead in an Idaho Falls parking lot over the weekend, and no one knows why. Idaho Department of Fish and Game officer Jacob Berl has a theory: A lightning strike.

Several of the geese had their stomachs blown open and all of them were dead. None were injured. Hail likely would have knocked them out of the sky but they would have been able to glide down and land at different places.

Stomachs blown open, falling from the sky, in a group. Would lightning do that to wildlife? Of course not. However, we know exactly what would though...






There's no other explanation for these dead geese falling from the sky. What do aliens do? They ride around in UFO's. Where are UFO's normally found? In the sky. Can't be a coincidence.

You might laugh it off, but next time you see a dead bird plummeting to the Earth, look up. The answer is out there.

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