I have never experienced hot springs before in person. A big disappointment since I lived in the northwest for the last decade. Now that I am with a better man and in the best state for hot springs, I will be frequenting them often. As a belated birthday gift my man Kris took me, and our pup to Haven Hot Springs in Lowman. Yup dogs are allowed.

Another super cool thing about this quant little spot with only 4 available rooms is each one has its own private geothermal hot tub out back. We had some late night and early morning sit sessions and it was incredible. My skin and hair felt silky soft and amazing for days after.

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Since we were in the area we also visited some other local hot springs like Kurkham. We had to trudge through a bit of snow and had to be careful with some slick spots on the way down but soaking in a natural hot spring in the winter with snow surrounding is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Haven Hot Springs Nikki Lowman Adventure

One of our Kirkham visits was late at night and since it is not summer time there were no people when we went down, so I did what any respectable woman would do and took my suit top off to enjoy the natural hot springs in my all natural attire. It was a little embarrassing when a group of people silently snuck up on us. I had my back to them most of the time but ooops. I guess we weren't as alone as we thought. ;)

Earlier this year I had an encounter with a water snake that nearly killed me (ok, a tad dramatic) at Bonneville hot spring near Kirkham, check out that ridiculous story here.


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